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Google Ad is the first choice for any business because Google is the top search engine. Google has different paid strategies like search, shopping, and display campaigns to help businesses at the top of the search results or in Google display networks. Google Ads always helps to achieve goals in any way whether visibility, awareness, or conversions.

How does PPC Advertisement work?

PPC marketing channel covers a number of different Ad platforms with different Ad formats – 

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  1. Search Ad– A search campaign is basically a text Ad on the     

Google search result page. So, when we type any keywords on Google, we see No. of results. The goal of this ad is to generate leads.

  1. Display Ad – Google display network (GDN) allows to display Ad on various interrelated and believable platforms. This maximizes CPCs (cost per click) and gives your exposure to interested audiences.
  2. Shopping Ad – Google shopping Ads showcase your products to the people who are ready to buy. It allows Advertisers to promote products in a much more visual way.
  3. Video Ad – Google video Ads help to engage and reach viewers via YouTube and this can be across the web. The goal would be to drive traffic, leads, drive products.
  4. Remarketing – Remarketing is probably the most easy-to-use  PPC marketing strategy with low cost and a fixed customer base to generate better growth potential.

Why need Google Ads for your Business?

If we look at traditional media like TV ads, Radio ads, Print media, and Banner ads these Ads are very expensive and not always very effective and result-oriented. Google ad platform provides us the facilities where we can target very specific Audiences, Locations. We can decide our budget according to the objective of the campaign and can get a better ROI.

  • Google ad is an excellent way to generate traffic on the site.
  • It doesn’t depend on SEO
  • It reaches the Right Audience at the right time
  • It helps to build brand awareness
  • Maximises ROI

How would Enough Click assist in overcoming Pay-Per-Click Marketing Challenges?

  • Acquiring hot ad slots without going over budget
  • Publishing relevant advertisements without causing ad fatigue
  • Driving targeted traffic and obtaining relevant ad clicks
  • Making the most of the limited ad space and writing effective copy
  • Creating landing pages with a low bounce rate and a high conversion rate
  • Constantly updating the advertising with the most recent market trends and updates.

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